Sauna Boppard

Healthy Sweating

We accommodate in our well-being area a Finnish sauna, which will make you really sweat. With a temperature between 80 ° C and 110 ° C the room has several wooden benches at different levels, with the highest temperature at the top. Through an infusion, humidity and thus the perceived temperature is increasing in the sauna, so that the blood circulation is stimulated and perspiration is promoted.

Sauna is good for the nerves

A visit to the sauna has a positive effect on the autonomic nervous system, may contribute to the improvement of the skin and have a strengthening effect on the immune system. Thus, it also serves the prevention of colds in particular. Regularity naturally plays a decisive role here. The more often you go to the sauna, the better it should be for your health.

Using the sauna is free of charge, but must previously be logged in at our hotel reception, so that we can bring up the temperature. Generally it is available throughout the opening times from 7 am to 10 pm.

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