Massages in Boppard

After an exhausting day on the move, at work or simply to be pampered, a massage is just the ticket for relaxation. Margret Simons treatments dissolve blockages and muscle tensions and stimulate the lymphatic system. The following massages are offered:

Full body treatment

Back massage

BioRelease head massage

  • Energetic massage on head and face
  • Ideal for switching off

Nerve path massage

  • Short facial massage including
  • Acupuncture points, has a balancing, calming effect and relaxes the facial muscles

Soundmasssage with soundbowls

  • Deep relaxation "bringing in flux", and loosening blockages, activating self-healing powers

Progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobsen

  • Tensing and relaxing certain muscle groups result in a deep relaxation
  • Harmonizing effect on the autonomic nervous system, positively affects insomnia and tension headaches - regulating effect on blood pressure

Please book your appointment prior to arrival.

Late bookings on site are also available upon request.

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