Nordic Walking & Jogging at the Rhine

Along the river with great views

The UNESCO World Heritage "Upper Middle Rhine Valley" is a true paradise for lovers of sporty activities. From Koblenz to Bingen on both sides of the Rhine bike paths are available continuously. Of course they can be used for Nordic walking or rollerblading as well. The paths lead directly along the banks of the Rhine and are not interrupted at any point. If anything, there are to overcome only small differences in height, which is why the roads are especially suitable for a consistent sporting activity. Enjoy magnificent views, fresh air and the pleasure of physical activity.

Tal-to-Tal – annual spectacle

The already blessed with rarity value cycling and running routes ensure further appreciation every year for one Sunday. For the event TaltoTal the national highways along the Rhine between Koblenz and Bingen are closed to normal traffic on both sides, so that the World Heritage site is entirely in the hands of the enthusiastic athletic population. In our event tips we let you know exactly when this event will take place.

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