Rhine Wine – the Boppard Hamm

The region "Upper Middle Rhine Valley" is not only known for its beautiful vistas, hiking trails and the special romantic atmosphere, but also for the excellent Rhine wine. Here in Boppard the best wines grow at the Boppard Hamm, who has brought with its from the Hunsrück sheltered, south facing slopes so many top class wines. The Rhine here serves as a heat storage and the slate soil reflects the sun's rays. This dry and warm climate is ideal for viticulture and ensures a unique flora and fauna in these latitudes.

Since 2002, there is again a vineyard owned by the Gawel family on the Boppard Hamm. Riesling and Kerner are grown there. In addition, vineyard peach trees are planted. Of course our vineyard can be visited by our guests for a dinner or a barbecue. Please contact us.

Winegrowing in the region

The wine-growing region Middle Rhine extends from Bingen via Koblenz to the gates of Bonn. The narrow, indented by numerous steep rocky ridges Rhine Valley requires laborious viticulture, which is mainly operated on steep slopes. However, these steep slopes and the specific climate favour the quality of the grapes. The taverns and wine taverns of the winegrowers invite you to stay and offer Middle Rhine wine as well as local specialties from the winery kitchen.

Great for visitors and tourists is the note "Der beste Schoppen". The officially recognized award is an excellent indicator for the guest, since it is a unique feature for the quality of the wine.

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