UNESCO world heritage "Upper Middle Rhine Valley"

Unique culture and landscape

Since June 27th 2002, our region is on the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. The World Heritage "Site Upper Middle Rhine Valley" extends from Koblenz to Bingen / Rudesheim along the Rhine course to a total of 67 kilometers.

The Rhine Valley carries the coveted title due to its unique cultural landscape which is determined by the cultural heritage. Including among other things the much sung Rhine Romanticism that inspired Heinrich Heine to the poetry of the song about the Loreley, as well as the countless castles on the Upper Middle Rhine. Its appearance owes the valley to the river course. On the slopes of the Rhine valley the coveted Riesling finds ideal growing conditions. In addition to culture, the region offers other tourist attractions such as the famous hiking trails of the Rheinsteig, the Rheinburgenweg or the Dream Loops.

Here you can read an excerpt from the official justification:

The UNESCO World Heritage Committee declared the landscape of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley between Bingen, Rüdesheim and Koblenz a World Heritage Site in 2002. The Committee praised the Upper Middle Rhine Valley as a cultural landscape of great diversity and beauty. The landscape presents an unusual wealth of cultural features and historical and artistic associations.

The Middle Rhine Valley thanks its special appearance to both the natural shape of the river landscape and to human hand. For two millennia the Middle Rhine Valley has been one of the most important transport routes for cultural exchange between the Mediterranean region and northern Europe.

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