Rhine in Flames

Spectacular Fireworks on the Rhine

Along the most beautiful parts of the Rhine valley, every year between May and September the "Rhine in Flames" events are taking place. Pyrotechnic magic emerges at the waterfronts and attractions between Rüdesheim and Bonn in a variety of bright colours. Always accompanied by a fleet of ships and illuminated by the lights, the event moves along the stream. An incomparable experience for friends of romantic and spectacular views.

Rhine in Flames from Boppard

Boppard itself does not have a Rhine in Flames event. There are fireworks on two weekends during the wine festival, but not under the auspices of Rhine in flames. Nevertheless, we are in close proximity to some of the most popular Rhine in Flames events. Easily accessible by car, train or of course as a special highlight by ship, you can reach the following Rhine in Flames events:

  • Rhine in Flames Rudesheim / Bingen
  • Rhine in Flames Koblenz (incl. The villages Spay, Brey and Rhens)
  • Rhine in Flames Oberwesel
  • Rhine in Flames St. Goar

If you want to experience Rhine in Flames on a ship, please contact the local shipping companies.  The spectacular fireworks will constitute to a memorable stay with us in the beautiful Middle Rhine Valley.

Rhine in Flames • www.rhein-in-flammen.com

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