Events and Dates

Events & Dates - The Middle Rhine Valley is booming

On this page we will keep you up to date concerning events, celebrations or cultural highlights around Boppard. Many of these tips can be found on our social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. (here it would be good if we could get a calendar)

Boppard night process. (carnival) Su., 02/26/2017
Middle Rhine Wine Spring Su. 04/30/2017
TalTotal Su., 06/25/2017
Rhine in Flames Rüdesheim Sa., 07/01/2017 
10th Oldtimer meeting in Boppard Sa., 07/15/2017
Juggler feast Koblenz Fr. to Su., 07/29. - 07/31/2017
Rhine in Flames Spay/Koblenz Sa., 08/12/2017
Rhine in Flames Oberwesel Sa., 09/09/2017
Onion market in Boppard We. and Th., 09/13. - 09/14/2017
Rhine in Flames St. Goar Sa., 09/16/2017
Wine feast Boppard (1st weekend) Fr. to Su., 09/22. - 09/25/2017
Wine feast Boppard (2nd weekend) Fr. to Su., 09/29.- 10/01/2017
Farmer`s market Boppard Su., 10/29/2017
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