Bopparder Hamm

The largest of all Rhine loops

The Boppard Hamm between Boppard and Spay in the UNESCO world heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley, is located about fifteen kilometers south of Koblenz. Below the left-bank slopes the village Peternach existed until the Thirty Years' War. It was not rebuilt after its destruction. The bend in the river makes the left bank slopes of the Hamm perfect for winegrowing. The Rhine reflects the sun rays and the slate floor serves here as a heat store. The dry and warm climate is ideal for viticulture and ensures an in these latitudes unique flora and fauna.

Usage for viticulture

The left-bank slopes form the largest contiguous vineyard wine region in the Middle Rhine. Mainly there are the following varieties in Boppard Hamm:

  • Riesling
  • Rivaner
  • Spätburgunder

Due to the steepness of some vineyards and the climatic conditions, wines of high quality grow here. The Boppard Hamm is cultivated by growers from the municipalities Boppard and Spay. The cultivation on steep slopes with inclines of more than 70% is carried out mainly by hand. Most work is done manually. Depending on the weather, the annual production of the grapes on the Boppard Hamm is at about 500,000 liters of wine. Many of these wines, you can take delight in our restaurants in Boppard.

Vineyards within the Boppard Hamm:

  • Engelstein
  • Ohlenberg
  • Feuerlay
  • Mandelstein
  • Weingrube
  • Fässerlay
  • Elfenlay
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