Rhine river cruise

Tourism und Economy

The Rhine, ever since counting to the strategically best positioned waters in Europe, also belopngs to the most travelled rivers. The Rhine river cruise has to be divided into an economic and a touristic sector. Already for the Romans, the Rhine has been an important trading route. Depending on the section sailing- or tug boats pulled by horses have been used.

Attractions on both sides of the Rhine

The romantic Rhine between Koblenz and Bingen is a very special route for the navigating on the Rhine. In the UNESCO world heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley a lot of highlights of the much praised Rhine Romanticism can be discovered. Downstream of Bingen, the shipping guest reaches a passage that belongs to the hardest to navigate along the Rhine. The so called mountain rides to St. Goar have been accompanied by a local Rhine navigator as helmsman until the 1980s. The section climaxes at the Loreley Rock. This passage is connected to a high risk even today, especially in case the water level is unusual, it can be complicated for navigators that are unfamiliar with the region. So there is an element of truth behind the Loreley myths. Along the route, the passenger passes some of the most popular castles on the Middle Rhine. For example castle Rheinfels above St. Goar on the left bank of the Rhine, the Marksburg near Lahnstein or castle Stolzenfels. The route ends beneath the fortress Ehrenbreitstein in Koblenz.

Ferry services on the Rhine

A rarity, which undoubtfully needs to be added to the Rhine shipping section, are the ferry connections over the river. Between Koblenz and Bingen they replace bridges on 5 occasions in total. The guest can choose between the different car ferries connecting the riverbanks: Boppard – Filsen, St. Goar – St. Goarshausen, Kaub – Engelsburg, Lorch – Niederheimbach and Bingen – Rudesheim.

Your options from Boppard

A popular touristic activity is a tour on the Rhine. Perfectly paced you hover past attractions and experience the region from a different perspective. The Rhine shipping in Boppard offers a wide range of boat trips that allow guests to sneak a peek on the Rhine Valley from many perspectives. Opened all year round, whereas during the winter months between November and March a limited timetable is valid.


In front of the hotel lies the pier of the KD shipping company. It offers regular tours between Koblenz and Mainz. This allows you to start very comfortably a day trip from Boppard. Plan your trip to Koblenz or enjoy a bicycle tour to the Loreley. You can take a ship on your way back to Boppard, so public transport is expanded by another option at the Rhine.

Hebel Line

This traditional company with a long family history is the local shipping company, directly located in Boppard. Within walking distance from the hotel on pier number 6 they offer numerous tours on the Rhine per day. Besides the classic sightseeing tour to the Loreley rock, there are other options available. For example to Koblenz in the evening or theme tours (wine tasting, morning pint or castles on the Rhine).

Loreley Line

Just as the Hebel Line the Loreley Line is another example for a traditional company in the Rhine shipping segment. The family business from Kamp-Bornhofen offers several tours each day. You can find it about 300 meters away from the hotel at pier 1 and 2. Besides the classic sightseeing tour to Loreley rock other options are available. For example to Koblenz in the evening or themed tours (wine tasting, morning pint or castles on the Rhine).

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