Rhine Chair Lifts

Chair lifts in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley

The comfortable way to overcome the steep slopes. In our surrounding there are numerous chair lifts which could not be more different. They are united by the comfort they provide to reach multiple of the regions highlights. For example the Gedeonseck right above Boppard Muhltal.

The Boppard Chair Lift overcomes a height difference of 232 meter and reaches from the foot of Muhltal to the famous Four Lake View and the Boppard bikepark.

Another cable car can be found in Koblenz, where the guests are transported in closed cabins from the “German Corner” to the fortress Ehrenbreitstein. It was built for the horticultural show 2011 in Koblenz and was a highlight of this every year event. The glass cabins have to be emphasized in particular because they grant a barrier free view on the Rhine Valley. On sunny days this creates additional Rhine Romanticism.

In Rudesheim on the Rhine the cabin cable car takes guests up to the Niederwald Monument. The Germania statue up there symbolizes the foundation of the new German Reich after the German-French war. The cable car has open cabins and you nearly hover over the vineyards up to the 38 meter high statue.

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