Niederwald Monument

Sublime Monument in Rudesheim

Standing in front of the Niederwald Monument is simply because of its sheer size impressive. The entire plant stands 38.18 meters high and weighs about 75 tons in total. The most striking and largest part is the upper base and highly visible Germania that alone brings it to 12.5 meters and a weight of around 32 tonnes. In the pedestal at her feet, the main inscription is engraved, which is reminiscent of the Franco-German War and the unification of the Empire. In capital letters can be read there: "In memory of the victorious uprising of the German people and to the restoration of the German Empire 1870 - 1871".

The decorations on the Niederwald Monument

Directly below is the skin relief, on which a total of 133 persons are represented. It is primarily about generals and princes, who have played an important role in the Empire and in the previous war against France. Also on display are a Prussian guardsman with banner and a Saxon infantryman carrying a drum with it. In the center of the relief William I. is pictured, sitting as the only figure on a horse and being surrounded by all the others. Thus the importance is again highlighted separately. All shown persons are represented in life size.

Left and right of the skin reliefs are two other characters who symbolize war and peace. The side figure standing on the left, interpretive towards France, is a winged genius, who was in ancient Rome as a guardian spirit. With his left hand he blows a trumpet in the right hand is a sword. That this is not applicable, but lowered, is interpreted as a sign of victory. The peace is symbolized by an angel placed on the right. His attributes are a cornucopia and an olive branch, that are understood for centuries as a symbol of prosperity and peace. Behind the two figures are two side reliefs to find that deal with topics of war and peace again. On the left side the "parting of the warrior" is attached, showing the summary of soldiers and countrymen, while the return is displayed on the right side.

Niederwalddenkmal • 65385 Rüdesheim •

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