Chair Lift Boppard

Spectacular View over the Rhine

The Boppard chair lift has been built in 1954 and is since then one of the biggest magnets for tourists the town has to offer. The height difference of 232 meters between mountain and lower terminus is overcome within 20 minutes. The length of the way is 915 meters. During the ride over Boppards vineyards the lift passes the via ferrata. An extraordinary panorama view over the Boppard Rhine slope awaits the visitors. The goal is the Gedeonseck as well as the main attraction, the Four Lake view, many hiking paths and the bikepark. The chair lift is opened from April to October.

After arriving at the mountain station and a short walk to the Gedeonseck reveals a unique panoramic view over the Boppard Rhine slope and the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. Here you can also find a drop zone for paragliders. In good weather and appropriate thermic the place is very crowded. A short walk away the Four Lake View lives up to its name. Here the Rhine – because of the many contortions - appears like four single lakes.

Chair Lift to Boppard Bike Park

Since 2006 the Boppard Bike Park is officially opened. This challenging mountain bike route, constructed under the expertise of the Boppard mountain bike Pro Amir Kabbani, is appreciated all over Germany. Thanks to the possibility of taking your bike up the hill by the Boppard chair lift, the route has become a highlight for young sports.

Your way from the hotel to the Boppard chair lift passes many shipping piers down the Rhine and leads you to the Ome garden. At the end of the Rhine alley please hold left and cross the B9 in town. Below the railway lines and along the Remigius parking place goes the way to Muhltal. After approximately 200 m you arrive at the lower terminus on the right hand side.

Chair LiftBoppard, Valley Station Mühltal Tel. 06742-2510

Bicycles free of charge

Geöffnet: April to October

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