Career in the hotel business - we train you in the following professions!

Hotel Specialists (m/f/d)

Hotel specialists are active in all departments of the hotel business. They work at the reception, in the reservation, in the sale, in the service, in the economic service (floor) or in the event department (banquet). They plan and organize the main work processes at the hotel.

Hotel Merchant (m/f/d)

Hotel merchants know all departments of the hotel. Their special work area is the commercial department with accounting and human resources management. They are able to control the various commercial processes in the hotel organization.

Event Managers (m/f/d) 

Event managers design and organize events, prepare them and analyse them afterwards. They calculate costs, create offers, acquire customers and advise and look after them before and during the event. In doing so, they take into account specific requirements, conditions and regulations as well as business profitability aspects. Finally, they analyse the success of an event and create reports.

Restaurant Specialist (m/f/d)

Restaurant specialists will serve and assist guests, work in the restaurant, at the buffet and in the bar. They welcome and advise guests, serve drinks and food, they will create the bill and cash. The planning and orientation of events, conferences and festivities is another focal point of this diversified profession.

Chef (m/f/d)

Chefs perform all the activities necessary for the preparation of food. This includes craftsmanship and the application of kitchen techniques, as well as the planning and calculation of menu sequences. The work area also includes the preparation of menu suggestions and the consultation of guests.

Specialist in the hospitality industry (m/f/d)

The specialist in the hospitality industry is particularly active in the following departments: buffet, economic service, kitchen, restaurant. Their area of work ranges from the selection of beverages to the preparation of the guest rooms to the guest service.

Special JRE Chef apprenticeship (m/f/d)

This is more than an education - it is the start into the world of pleasure. And maybe it is the beginning of a real career. Anyone who decides to study at the JRE-Genuss-Akademie will learn from the best young chefs in Europe. The JRE - Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe - unite in their German section the most successful establishments and most Michelin stars in the country. In the JRE-Genuss-Akademie, they pass on what distinguishes them: experience, skill and genuine passion.

Application Process

  • Submit your complete documentation to us
  • We invite you to a job interview
  • 2.5-day internship with us
  • Conversation with the parents
  • Training contract + connection contract

Internal  advanced training

  • Regular training in all areas of gastronomy
  • Trips to suppliers and trade fairs
  • Mediation of knowledge that goes beyond the everyday

Please send your complete application to:

Bellevue Rheinhotel
Marek Gawel
Rheinallee 41
56154 Boppard

or via mail to with the subject "application".

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