Exclusive Restaurant Le Chopin

Culinary delights in elegant surroundings

The exclusive restaurant Le Chopin in the Bellevue Rheinhotel combines culinary delights with a stylish ambiance. "The best product comes on the shortest route and thus from the region". This creed of Family Gawel chef de cuisine Sebastian Messinger has joined with passion and converts it to the wellbeing of the guest at the restaurant Le Chopin.

The elegant Art Nouveau decor of the exclusive restaurant in Boppard represents the stage for enjoying fine cuisine. At this master chef Sebastian Messinger trusts in a classic cuisine with a modern twist. Fresh local ingredients, classic cooking methods and focusing on the taste play a crucial role in his kitchen to serve "always a pinch better than good". His dishes at the restaurant Le Chopin are rounded off by a selection of wines, mainly from the Middle Rhine. Wines from national and international vineyards complement the offer to a wide range of grape varieties.

Feel-good atmosphere reigns in the restaurant Le Chopin, when the fire crackles and the view stretches across the Rhine. As a masterpiece for the eyes, the elegant restaurant adds to its generous ambience, warm colors and elegant armchairs in the charm of the Belle Epoque of the house. The exclusive restaurant in Boppard is modeled on the French Art Nouveau from Nancy and dedicated to the Polish pianist Frederic Chopin.

Info / Facts:

Chef: Sebastian Messinger
Non-smoking restaurant
Dogs are not allowed.
Furniture: French Art Nouveau

Opening times 2020:

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Closing time:

The restaurant closes at 11:30 pm. If you want to take up our services longer than that, please feel free to linger at our hotel bar.

Closing Days:

Winter:  Sunday, Monday & Tuesday 
Spring and Summer: Monday & Tuesday 

Closing Times:

01. – 17.11.2020


Our menu changes seasonally every 6 to 8 weeks.

Wine card:

Regionally connected the focus is on the Middle Rhine.


We recommend an early table reservation!

Reservations can be made at the following telephone number: 0 67 42-10 2-0 or at: [info@bellevue-boppard.de] contrary!

Acceptance of Menus at Le Chopin:

We ask you to choose, a uniform menu sequence if you are more than 5.
The 7-course tasting menu is served only per table.
We welcome your order of a 4-course menu until 8:30 pm and a 3-course menu until 9:00 pm. Before 8:00 pm all course menus are accepted.

Vegetarian-vegan dishes / allergies / intolerances:

Please enter at time of booking if you want vegetarian or vegan food, or need gluten / lactose or fructose free food, so that the kitchen team can adjust accordingly. Many thanks!

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